Our Leadership Team​

Ashley Kaczmarek

Payroll Manager

Ashley Kaczmarek is an accomplished professional who has dedicated 14 successful years to the role of Payroll Manager at SVS Group, a leading staffing company, located in the Bay Area. With her exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to her work, Ashley has played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the company’s payroll processes and back office.

Before her tenure at SVS Group, Ashley served in the payroll department at Lakeshore Staffing, where she honed her expertise in payroll systems and back-office functions. Her time at Lakeshore Staffing allowed her to build a strong foundation in the staffing industry and develop a keen eye for detail in payroll administration.  Prior to working in the staffing industry, Ashley has also worked in the payroll processing industry.  She processed payroll for multiple companies and would make sure their payroll was completed efficiently and error free.

Outside of her professional life, Ashley finds solace and joy in her personal pursuits. She is happily married to Larry Kaczmarek, a paramedic serving the city of Chicago.

In her spare time, Ashley’s adventurous spirit takes her to the waters, as she finds relaxation in boating. Being close to nature rejuvenates her and allows her to unwind from the demands of her profession.

Ashley’s compassionate nature extends beyond her love for people and is also evident in her affection for animals. Ashley is a huge animal lover with a houseful of animals.  She plays a big part in rescuing animals and will help them all whenever needed.

With her expertise in payroll management, and compassionate spirit, Ashley Kaczmarek has not only built a successful career but also enriched her personal life with meaningful connections and fulfilling activities. Her journey continues to inspire and impact those around her, making her a valued member of both the professional and personal communities she cherishes.