SVS Gives Back

SVS Gives Back

2020 Updates

SVS joined us in donating in Toys 4 Tots - we did Jeeps on The Run Toys 4 Tots Drive.   

There were over 600 Jeeps, each filled with toys (even some trailers full), making a 2 hour-long parade route escorted by the police to bring awareness of children in need.  Once we got to our destination, there were two 53-foot semi-trailers ready to be filled with toys.  We are am happy to say that not only did this wonderful group of people fill both semi-trailers, but there were 2 other smaller trailers that were also filled and followed the semis to their destination warehouse.  Every year is important for getting donations for this group, but this year was extremely important.  With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, there are even more families in need.  Also, with big events being canceled this year – they have lost 75% of their donation events.  Jeeps on The Run was able to do this safely and still practice social distancing.

The Tempe office did Operation Santa to help distressed families for the holidays

Sacramento Office Gives Back

A few weeks ago our team got together to talk about the normal stuff, Job orders and needing to fill them yesterday, which happens often. While we were round tabling and coming up with new strategies, it downed on us that Thanksgiving was around the corner and with all that has happened this year, we completely forgot that this is our favorite time of the year. We usually look to find ways to give back to people who are going through hard times. What quickly ensued, was a lot of different ideas where we could contribute in the community coming from every direction. Then Renee told us all of an organization that she is partnered with that assists with young people who are trying to make their way out of a rough past. When she told us this information we all unanimously agreed that this is what we wanted to do.

To help these individuals, we put together a backpack filled with all sorts of things from hygiene products to crossword puzzles and even granola bars and headphones. These items were brought together by none other than Renee, Tina, Erica, Charlie, Der, Marcus, and yours truly.  We are so grateful to be the leader of this special team of incredible individuals.


Part of our philosophy at SVS Group is the importance of community support and involvement. Whether it’s donating our time and resources, or providing financial support, we make an effort each year to pick several worthy causes to support.

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