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Workplace Wellness Ideas In 2023

Workplace Wellness Ideas In 2023 | SVS Group

Are you looking for workplace wellness ideas in 2023? It’s no secret that talking about mental health and work-life balance is rising. Employees are not only looking for companies that invest in their careers, but today’s workers are taking a deeper look at things like work culture and reducing stress. Happy, fulfilled employees means more productivity overall.

Let’s look at five things you can offer to provide a healthy workplace. 

      1. Offering EAP 

EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program. This program makes counseling available to employees when they are facing difficulty and in larger companies is offered at no charge to the employees (through insurance or EAP providers). Whether your employees are facing work frustrations or outside challenges, this gives employees a safe space. EAP makes counseling accessible as those using the service can call in, email, video chat, or meet face to face. Counseling assistance can help your employees cope with things like loss, burnout, family issues, etc., all of which ultimately affects their work. 

       2. Internal Wellness Programs 

Another way to prioritize wellness is to make it a company value. Creating a program like a physical wellness challenge or hosting a mental health day with speakers who educate and raise awareness around wellness can help your employees implement positive habits. With an internal program, you can be creative. Ask your employees for feedback by sending an anonymous survey asking them what their biggest stressors are and what they are most interested in when it comes to wellness (mental health, financial health, physical health, etc.). 

       3. Encourage Breaks and Offer Flexibility 

In some companies, the PTO may be there, but the work culture may frown upon employees actually using it. Have managers lead by example by using their vacation time and encouraging employees to do the same. You may also want to offer flexible scheduling. Employees will feel less stressed if they know they can take time off when needed or change their schedule as things outside of work arise. 

       4. Offer Gym Memberships 

Additionally, you may consider partnering with a local gym in a preferred employer program. A preferred employer program allows employees to receive discounts on their monthly or annual memberships. This works especially well if there is a gym close to the office. Offering this type of incentive encourages employees to stay active and even go to the gym with co-workers.

       5. Hire the Right Leadership 

As with all jobs, managers and bosses can be a big determining factor in your employee’s health and overall job satisfaction. Having the right people in leadership will set the tone for the entire company culture. Take the time to train those in leadership and hire leaders with emotional intelligence that will create an environment where employees can grow. 

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