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Why It’s Essential to Have a Diverse Medical Workforce

Why It's Essential to Have a Diverse Medical Workforce SVS Group

Diversity is a rising conversation across the job market, but having a diverse medical workforce is vital. From patient empathy to new perspectives, a diverse staff will improve your systems and help you reach new patients.

Whether you are recruiting new team members or looking for ways to embrace diversity in your current staff, let’s discuss why diversity is essential. 


Patients feel more comfortable when they see themselves represented by the staff. If you live in a diverse city, your hiring choices should reflect the demographics. Your staff’s ability to relate and build trust with patients will affect whether or not patients choose to return to your facility in the future. Hiring a diverse team also aids you in attracting diverse talent in the future. Team members from different backgrounds, cultures, or areas also provide different perspectives and ideas for improvement. When their voice is represented, it opens the doors for new systems to be implemented that will better serve and reach patients or clients. 


With a diverse staff, the door for expansion. A diverse staff doesn’t only draw in patients but also helps healthcare organizations think outside of the box. Without diversity, it’s easy for blinds pots to occur. Diversity helps providers avoid pitfalls and brings varying perspectives to the table when it comes to decisions. The goal is to grow and serve more people better and more efficiently. From problem-solving to plans to expand, a diverse staff bridges the gap between patients, new recruits, and your organization. Even John Hopkins grad, Dr. David Howard, shares his experience with feeling like he “didn’t fit in” medical school due to his race. Your organization can change that by inviting diversity and creating opportunities. Diversity expands the business’s ability to think and plan. 


Thirdly, a diverse medical workforce is essential when it comes to setting the right environment. Hiring a diverse staff is one way to foster creativity and a welcoming environment. When you hire diversely, you send the message that you are serious about embracing other cultures and backgrounds. Unconscious bias can squelch the benefits of diversity. Training elevates different voices and helps create a path for the organization to benefit from what each employee brings. This type of openness will be felt from the top down and benefits retention and recruiting. Making diversity part of the company culture also will help attract new job seekers as the next generation pays attention to metrics and company values. 

Thinking Adding to Your Team?

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