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When Is It Time to Fire An Employee & Replace Them?

When Is It Time to Fire an Employee & Replace Them? SVS Group

When it is time to fire an employee and replace them? This is one of the toughest questions that all managers face. While there isn’t an easy process, there are a few things that can help you make the decision.

Look for these behaviors when assessing the situation and consider these factors before deciding. 

Things to Look For 

When considering replacing an employee think about their overall level of engagement. Quiet quitting (purposely doing the bare minimum) has become a trend in the workforce. If they are less interactive with other team members this may be a signal that their heart is no longer in their work. The quality of their work may suffer and overall productivity may lessen. However, all these behaviors could also be circumstantial. This is where research and communication come in. 

Have You Done Due Diligence?

Before firing or replacing an employee, ask yourself if you have taken the necessary step of communicating what isn’t working. Have you taken the time to coach employees on where you want to see improvement? If you have not, you may need to take more time. Be sure to document the issues and conversations (including dates) you have with employees. Consider how much time you want to give them to improve. Be honest about what isn’t working and how long you are able to allow it to continue. Be clear and direct about deadlines and how many chances you are able to give them. If you have communicated clearly, an employee won’t be truly surprised if the time comes when you need to let them go. 

Lead from Knowledge 

Working with an unmotivated employee can be frustrating, but firing and replacing can be a costly process. Before you jump to firing or replacing, make sure you aren’t deciding out of emotion. This also means identifying the root cause of what is happening with an employee. Are they going through a life transition and will be able to be more productive later? Were they productive and then suddenly disappeared? Is it a chronic pattern? Are they better suited for another position elsewhere within the company? Have you given them the tools and training they need to succeed? Be sure to look at your role as well. 

Keep Communication Open 

When managing employees, it can help to get an outside perspective. Is their lack of productivity affecting their team? Effective leaders cultivate their own mentors. Trusted colleagues can offer advice and feedback. Avoid talking about the employee with their peer-level coworkers as this could create a tense environment. Be wise in selecting who you seek advice from. 

In any case, as we mentioned before, always document. HR should be involved every step of the way. This can prevent an unlawful firing suit and will ensure that your company is covered. 

Help with Hiring 

So, when is it time to fire and replace an employee? It could be that instinctively you already know that you will ultimately have to replace an employee. If this is the case, working with a staffing agency will help you hire new employees quickly. Don’t wait until a position is vacant. Call our staffing agency and let us help you find top-tier talent. Give our office a call today!