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Is There a Best Management Style? Here’s What to Know

Is There a Best Management Style? Here's What to Know

What’s the best management style? There may not be a definitive answer to this complex question, but we’re here to dive deep into it to see if there are a few styles that stand above the rest.

Let’s take a deeper look at management styles and ones that may work best:

The Different Styles

As we know, there are more than a few styles of management. If you have studied leadership, you have most likely read about the usual suspects of authoritarianism, visionary, servant leadership, etc. All of these styles are unique and carry their own lists of pros and cons. Rather than tying yourself to a specific style, there are other ways to choose what type of leadership you want to employ. 

Have an Adaptive Style for Different Team Members

In leading any group of people, one of the most important elements of choosing a management style is knowing your team. Different people will have differing needs from moment to moment. What works for one employee may not work for another. Knowing the various management styles and attuning to the needs of your team allows you to apply the best of each style when you need it. For example, casting vision (visionary) when your team needs motivation or setting clear expectations when your team needs specific guidelines. 

Remember Company Culture When Choosing a Style

Before you choose a specific management style, you may want to consider the current culture of your company. Is it something that you want to change? Authoritarian cultures thrive on hierarchy and create less room for employees to voice their opinions. More and more employees are looking for meaningful work where they can contribute. Management styles that are open to feedback, transparent, and have good communication are thriving in the current job climate. Think strategically about what culture you want your company to be known for because ultimately the way management treats employees is the way culture is . 

Be Open to Change

A management style can become very rigid when there is no feedback. Part of managing well isn’t just choosing a style and sticking to it. It is being open to learning and pivoting as necessary. It takes time and practice to develop this nuance. Great leaders are learners. You may learn certain things through trial and error, applying the wrong style in the wrong situation. Don’t be afraid to apologize and try again. Humility is the right foundation for any management style. 

Do What Works Best For You and the Team 

Ultimately, the best management style is not clear-cut. It’s based on hiring the right leadership to support the company culture you want to create and having skilled leaders who can apply different styles on a case-by-case basis. Quality leadership involves dexterity, not to placate difficult team members, but to bring out the best in each member, producing a happy, productive team. 

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