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Looking for a New Job? 3 Things to Consider Other Than Compensation

3 Things to Consider Other Than Compensation When Job Hunting SVS Group

While pay structure is important, finances aren’t the only thing to consider as you look for a new job. Transition usually means reevaluation and a career change is the perfect time to do just that. Maybe there are some things you loved about your last job or some things you know you would like to avoid.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide which job is right for you.

     1. Company Culture 

Every company has a culture whether it is spoken or unspoken. The culture describes how the company operates. For newer start-ups, the culture may be fast-paced and flexible while more established companies may have more clearly defined policies. Culture can also refer to if the environment is laid back or serious and what type of employee behavior is rewarded. It’s important to ask questions when job seeking and to consider if you feel that your work style will gel with the company’s climate. 

     2. Effective Management 

Leaders are the lifeblood of any company and are the ones who carry out the values and set the tone of the overall culture. Each manager has a different style of managing, some allow more autonomy while others prefer to be hands-on. Some are open to new ideas while others like to stay on a traditional, proven trajectory. Some are more task-oriented while others focus heavily on building relationships. It is important to meet key decision-makers and future co-workers to get an idea of what the dynamics are like. 

     3. Career Growth Opportunities

Depending on where you are in your career you may want to consider what you would like your next job to provide. Are you looking for something that will act as a stepping stone or are you hoping for something that will provide longevity and help you climb the corporate ladder? Opportunities for growth and promotions provide a place for you to widen your skillset and experience. If you are unsure of where you’d like the job to lead, you may want to give yourself the flexibility of trying something new in a temporary role. For more experienced job seekers, looking for roles that are mid-level or executive positions can provide a path to advancement. 

SVS Group is here to help you map out your ideal career! 

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, Silicon Valley Staffing is here to help. Our recruiters have worked with many great people to help them find the best career match and nail every part of the interview process. We provide helpful tips like our article on resume writing to help you put your best foot forward. Give our office a call today to speak with our recruiters and to hear more about our open positions!