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Want to Improve Your Company’s Time to Hire? Follow These Simple Steps

Want to Improve Your Company's Time to Hire? Follow These Simple Steps SVS Group

Want to improve your company’s time to hire? SVS Group offers three simple steps to get your hiring process back on track. 

1. Key Areas to Consider 

Key areas to consider when looking at the time to hire are how long it usually takes companies in your industry versus how long it takes you. This can vary from industry to industry. Additionally, this can vary based on the position. Entry-level or seasonal positions may be fast hires. However long-term prominent roles may take more time to fill. This chart by Workable gives an average time to hire based on the industry. If you are taking longer or you need to fill positions faster with better-quality candidates, there are steps you can take to help along the way. 

2. Do Your Research 

Knowing exactly what you want and need will help move the process quicker for everyone. Look at job descriptions for your candidates, consider what skills you need, and what is non-negotiable. Being upfront and clear about what you need and offers weeds out candidates that are looking for something else. This kind of clarity helps you approach looking through resumes with fresh eyes. Moreover, you will be able to separate candidates that don’t match from candidates that qualify. This alone can save you tons of time. Ask questions of current employees, find out what the day-to-day of the job you are hiring for looks like and consider strengths a successful candidate will need. This type of honesty and information will also attract serious candidates who want to know what is expected in the role. 

3. Consider Your Schedule 

If you are an industry that ramps up at certain times of the year, plan for it. If you want to recruit college students over the summer, make a plan for recruiting in the spring. Be familiar with the best to hire rather than reacting to an opening. To avoid stress on the team, spend the months prior building a strong pipeline of potential candidates. Also, always keep resumes from interviews that you liked, but didn’t hire. You may want to reach back out to people you’ve already met but couldn’t hire right away. 

 4. Work With a Staffing Agency 

Sometimes things happen and you can’t always plan ahead. The final and fastest way to cut down on the time to hire is to work with professionals. Our recruiters work full-time to network with top talent, making them available with just a simple phone call. Employment agencies do the work of helping you find out what you need and finding the best fit skill and culture-wise. If you are stressed or have too much on your plate already (especially if you recently lost an employee!), consider outsourcing. 

Ready to Make a Call? 

SVS Group is here to help! We offer placement services for every type of employee including part-time, contract, direct hire, temporary, and full-time. Our team is ready and waiting to serve you! Contact us today!