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Use a Staffing Agency: Build Loyalty from Day One

Use a Staffing Agency: Build Loyalty from Day One | SVS Group

Use a staffing agency: build loyalty from day one. Sounds simple, right? But how does working practically? You may already know that working with a staffing firm can save you time and money. However, there is another exciting and less discussed benefit that will increase retention. This keyword, loyalty, could be the secret sauce that causes your hires to stay with you long-term.

Here’s how working with a staffing agency builds instant loyalty. 

First Impressions 

Your hiring process starts the minute a potential employee reads your company’s job description. From that moment on, savvy employees will be assessing how your company operates and if they want to work for you. Think of the moment a potential hire sends in their resume. If you hire them, this is similar to the first time they set foot in your office. A hiring agency makes this initial process polished and seamless. If your application process is too arduous and confusing, that’s an immediate turn-off. SVS helps you avoid the classic pre-employment pitfalls to move the right candidates along to the next phase. Keep this article in mind that states that over half of candidates make a decision about whether or not they would accept a role within their first meeting with an employer. Don’t underestimate the power of a good impression from the start. 

The Power of Rapport 

Recruiters spend time with candidates on the phone. They build rapport. They make your company memorable. A candidate’s personal relationship with a recruiter could be what seals the deal between you and a new recruit. Great talent acquisition professionals help candidates feel like they are on the same team. When a candidate wants advice on which position, they will look to their recruiter as a source. Working with a staffing agency gives your employee a vote of confidence in your company’s favor from someone that candidates view as an advisor. 

Matching the Skills and Needs

Another way using a staffing agency will build loyalty from day one is the matching process. Job seekers don’t want to waste time. You don’t want to waste time. SVS helps you avoid the frustration of mismatched expectations. Our team is trained to communicate clearly and effectively so employees know exactly what they are applying for. We do the research so they know what to expect from you. There are few things more disheartening for job seekers than getting further into the hiring process and realizing, a job isn’t a good fit. When you use a staffing agency, you can eliminate this scenario altogether. 

Loyalty is Built Through Trust 

Here at SVS, we understand that loyalty is inspired when candidates know they can trust you. As an employment firm, we understand both sides of the coin: your perspective and the potential candidate’s. This makes us uniquely qualified to take care of pain points for your potential employees in the hiring process before you even have to worry about them. Take a look at our employee testimonials page full of satisfied, happy clients who found their dream position through us. We can do the same for the job seeker looking at your company right now. Give us a call and let us help you build instant loyalty with your next great team member.