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Top Resume Trends for 2022

Top Resume Trends for 2022

The job market is always evolving and to make sure you stay relevant as a job seeker, your resume must evolve with it.

Here are the top resume trends to apply to your resume in 2022:

Focus On Achievements

Skills are important, but how you put those skills to use in previous jobs is a better indicator of your job performance.

Many resumes list work experience in chronological order and with a summary of responsibilities in that role. Instead, focus on big projects or other milestones you achieved, and list the most relevant ones at the top.

You’re not bound by chronological order in a resume. The only thing that’s required is to ensure hiring managers don’t miss the relevant points of who you are and what you can do.

Customize Your Keywords

For each position you apply for, review the job description for keywords related to your position. Assuming you have the experience related to the keyword, use it in the description of your work experience. 

Most resumes pass through software that scans for these keywords before they hit the desk of hiring managers. To make sure your resume doesn’t get skipped, do a little research into the relevant keywords related to your job and its industry.

You can also identify skills that are missing from your resume that you may not have. The acquisition of skills is an ever-changing game in the workforce, and this is one way to make sure you’re staying on top of your education.

Soft Skills

Employers want more than a walking skill set—they want someone who they actually want to work with 40+ hours a week. That’s where soft skills come in. 

Are you adaptable, creative, good with people, self-motivated? Showcase it in your resume. Again, focusing on your achievements is one way to do this. Even if you weren’t in management in a prior job, letting them know you took the lead on a project and oversaw the work of others lets a potential employer know you have what it takes for management at their place.

Most employers will train the right candidate if they lack the hard skills, but possess the soft skills of someone with a good head on their shoulders.

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