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Tips for Adding Gen Z Workers To Your Team

Tips for Adding Gen Z Workers To Your Team SVS Group

According to True List, by 2025, Gen Z  workers will make up 27% of the workforce. Now is the time to invest in understanding and recruiting the upcoming generation. Growing up in a digital world, Gen Z has unique attributes. Intelligent employers can utilize this information to attract new hires and create win-win scenarios.

Here are five things Gen Z workers love and how you make them part of your company. 

Cause Driven Work 

Work that aligns with their values and beliefs is a vital piece of the puzzle. While your company may not be able to offer work that directly impacts a cause, every company can find ways to give back. Gen Z workers appreciate feeling like they are a part of something bigger and that their work is making a difference in the world. Look for ways to highlight how their work with your company will create a positive impact. 


Even more than current workers, Gen Z wants to maintain their flexibility. That’s saying something. If you cannot offer the flexibility of remote or hybrid positions, consider giving them options on their schedule. Gen Z likes to remain autonomous and wants to know you trust them. Set benchmarks for what needs to be done and offer flexibility where you can (like a four-day work week) so they can drive their schedules. Additionally, remember to encourage work life balance as Gen Z employees often have robust lives outside of the office. 

A Seat at the Table 

Like other generations, Gen Z appreciates knowing that they have a voice. Less used to hierarchy, Gen Z employees need creative outlets to showcase their ideas and to know they are being heard. Take time to listen to them. Remember, they could be a key to helping you see things from a new perspective or to bringing in more talent from a young demographic. 


Gen Z grew up around hot topics of inclusion. They are less tolerant of insensitive behavior, language, and practices that exclude groups, races, or genders. They also value the perspective of people from different backgrounds. Hiring Gen Z is an opportunity for employers to take a deeper look at company culture and to remind current employees of the importance of respect.

Company Culture 

In addition to the work itself, Gen Z wants to work with good people. This is a classic quality that all generations appreciate. Being used to working with friends or connecting online, look for ways to foster relationships and engagement. Be sure to invest in quality managers who communicate well and can bridge gaps between generations. Companies who embrace Gen Z will find that each generation has qualities that can expand and enhance the company. Look for the gold in the next generation as you hire and train them. 

Not Sure Where to Source Gen Z Workers?

We’ve got you covered! SVS has spent time building a strong pipeline and relationships with job seekers to bring you the best candidates, fast. From new graduates to experienced veterans, we are experts at recruiting top talent. We help you find dependable workers and set them up for success. Give us a call today!