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The Importance of Keeping Employees in the Loop as You Grow Your Team

The Importance of Keeping Employees In the Loop as You Grow Your Team

As you consider growing your team, your employees hold vital information that will help you make a great decision long term. Your employees may not be the final decision makers when it comes to hiring, but keeping them in the loop can also save you big headaches. Asking them questions and using their knowledge strategically will pay dividends.

Here are three reasons why you want to keep employees in the loop as you grow your staff: 

They Can Offer Hiring & Training Advice

No one knows a job inside out like the people performing it every day. Like an episode of “Undercover Boss”, employees on the ground know the required soft skills and challenges a future employee could face. Asking for their input when describing the position and workflow allows them to help you uncover the exact needs of the role. It also allows future potential hires to have a fuller picture of what performing the job is like and to decide if the role will be a good fit for them. Making a list of qualities like multi-tasking, detail orientation, and communication can be a jumping-off point as you interview current employees to make a list of the top job-specific skills or qualities in an ideal candidate.    

They Can Help See if the Hire is a Good “Culture” Fit

You may or may not have daily interactions with your employees in every department. Team members can help you determine if a potential employee will fit in with the team culture. They can also identify strengths that current team members have and determine what would help fill in gaps. For example, current team members may be highly analytical and know the team would benefit from having someone with creativity or innovation. Diversity gives your team a more well-rounded approach and talking to your team is a way to bring in a new set of eyes where needed. 

Your Employees Will Feel More Connected

Employees appreciate being brought in on decisions that affect them. When they have a voice in the process they are more likely to be on board with decisions. If they have a hand in helping you hire someone they may be more likely to help that person succeed. Asking them for input shows that you trust their judgment and care about their experiences and suggestions. This way you can build rapport within the team before adding an additional member. 

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