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How Often Do Temp-to-Hire Positions Lead to a Full-Time Job?

How Often Do Temp-to-Hire Positions Lead to a Full-Time Job?

Working as a temp-to-hire can be a great way to keep things interesting while searching for a place that might fit you best without having to commit first. But how often does a temp-to-hire position lead to a full-time job?

We’ll explore this question further below to see if a temp-to-hire role is right for you:

It’s an Extended Job Interview

Many businesses are opting for this kind of hiring model. They get a worker in the door fast without having to deal with the hiring process and if things don’t work out, they can just trade them out for a new temp. That may sound harsh, but it’s to your benefit, too.

If it’s not working out for them, then it’s probably not working out for you, and since it’s a temp position, you don’t carry around the stigma of quitting or being fired. But if you land at a place that truly works for you, it’s best to look at it like an extended job interview.

Look your best and do your best in the role you’re given. Go beyond your normal duties to show them you’re eager to go from temporary to permanent. If the position was presented to you as a temp-to-hire, then they are looking for a permanent employee. 

A temporary worker in a temp-to-hire position who proves they’re a quality candidate will get hired full-time unless circumstances outside of your control change.

Things Do Change

In order to fully answer the proposed question, consider the ever-fluctuating job market and the industry you work in. Especially now, with a volatile job market. It’s a job seeker’s delight right now, but that could turn tomorrow. 

Sometimes a company will bring on a temp-to-hire only to discover that their needs change during the temp’s time there. So, you could be a great fit—one that they may even create work for—but if the work’s not there, you may not get hired full-time through no fault of your own.

Go In Expecting to Get It

Whether you land a permanent gig is not always up to how good you are, but that’s never an excuse to not show up with your best attitude and get the job done. That kind of work ethic will pay dividends down the road and if a place that you excelled at has to let you go, you’ll still get experience and a great reference out of it.

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