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Talent Acquisition in a Competitive Market: How a Staffing Agency Can Help

Talent Acquisition in a Competitive Market: How a Staffing Agency Can Help SVS Group

Talent acquisition in today’s market is an employee’s game. With hundreds of job offerings and the Great Resignation, employees have higher expectations for employers. Many companies have increased their benefits, salary, and flexibility to bring in more staff. While this approach helps, sometimes it takes a human element to cause a potential hire to accept an offer.

Let’s explore why a staffing agency is the right step for you to put your company at the top of the list in job seekers’ minds. 

Direct Placement 

When you post on a job board without warm leads, results vary. Hundreds of applications mean hours spent reading through resumes and looking for qualified workers. Starting from square one can take months. Working with a staffing agency gives you direct access to a pipeline of qualified personnel. By hiring an employment agency, you skip to the head of the line because you tap into the resources that SVS has built for you. We research to ensure you are sent candidates that will be successful and directly place in your company, saving you time and money. 

Smooth Onboarding 

Working with a staffing agency also means applicants won’t get lost while onboarding. According to Forbes, 88% of employees don’t believe they were given a good onboarding program. At SVS, our recruiters walk your valuable candidates through the entire process. Because of this, job seekers begin building rapport with our staff from day one. We advocate for your company and help job seekers see the benefits of working with you. Additionally, we are there to answer their questions and help them to stay engaged throughout their time to hire. While some companies lose ideal candidates during this time, SVS works to close top talent. 

Benefits Assessment 

Finally, to stay current, you must know what other companies offer. SVS works with multiple companies in several industries. It is our job to assess salaries and know where to make adjustments. We are pleased to provide employers with the information they need to meet state requirements and offer an attractive package for employees. Our insider’s look at the job market allows us to advise you. Our expertise can directly impact your time to hire and avoid pitfalls. 

Saving You Time 

Finally, if you are reading this blog, we understand you are a busy professional. The more time you dedicate to things that will bring you results, the more your business will grow. We know talent acquisition can be a tedious process. SVS is here to take the mundane tasks off of your plate and skip straight to the results. Hiring a staffing agency means you get to focus on the things that really matter. We take the stress and overwhelm out of staffing, giving you time to grow your bottom line. 

Ready to Make the Call?

Don’t hesitate or waste another day hoping the perfect candidate will apply. Make today the day you add to your team. Our top-notch staff has experience in banking, finance, food service, IT, administrative, and light industrial. Contact our office today for more information on how we can help you!