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SVS Helps For The Holidays

SVS Group, a Bay-Area staffing firm, donates toys for needy children and care packages for troops stationed overseas this week in an effort to spread the holiday spirit to those in need.

( December 8, 2009 — SVS Group, a Temporary Staffing firm headquartered in Emeryville, California, took on the holiday spirit this past week. While the firm holds an annual sales meeting this time of year, the founders, Steve Allen and Eugene Lupario, wanted to give something back. So, much of the meeting was about helping out others.

Allen and Lupario organized their people into teams and instructed them that they would be making purchases for either Toys for Tots or buying care packages for our troops fighting the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. “Our meetings give us a forum to bring everyone together and we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to help out other people”, said Lupario of the event.

Michael Cooper, of the Emeryville Fire Department, could not have been more pleased to see a local business working to support Toys for Tots. “It is great to see businesses in our community help less fortunate families. More of this kind of thing needs to be done”. Cooper was not alone in his sentiment. The participating team members all felt very strongly about their involvement as well.

“How can you not feel good about helping out our troops?” said Tish Norton, the Operations Manager for SVS Group. Like Ms. Norton, each participant was proud to pitch in and make such an effort.

The care packages for the troops will be delivered just in time for the Christmas. Steve Allen could not have been more proud of his employees’ reaction to participating in the event, “we will certainly look to do more of this in the months ahead”.