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Should Nurses Consider Travel Opportunities?

Should Nurses Consider Travel Opportunities? SVS Group

It’s no secret that healthcare jobs are in high demand and many RNs are wondering, should nurses consider travel opportunities? During the pandemic, the healthcare industry skyrocketed in popularity as cities desperately recruited new employees. Now with travel restrictions lifted, more than ever medical professionals are considering travel opportunities. So, what are the benefits of a traveling position?

Let’s explore why travel nursing might be the next right career move for you. 


If you are new to nursing or want to add to your resume, travel nursing provides plenty of options. Travel assignments range from a few months to longer term. During that time, you will be able to work in different hospitals or organizations, be exposed to different management styles, and learn how to handle unique situations. No two assignments are alike. Travel nursing allows you to use skills you may not have the chance to in a stationary role. 

New Connections 

Travel nursing is also the perfect way to make more connections in the field. Because of the short-term nature, you don’t have to stress organizational politics, but you can meet new people. If you like a particular team or place, you may be allowed to come back in the future. Travel assignments can open the door to full-time positions down the road. As you go from place to place, you can also receive references from supervisors in different departments, opening the door for other opportunities. 


If you’ve ever wanted to try living somewhere new, travel nursing is an easy way to start your adventure. Travel nursing allows you can to get to know an area before committing to a move. When you are off, you can visit friends who live in the area, sightsee, and take advantage of all each area has to offer. Some assignments are in big cities, allowing you to add well-known hospitals and companies to your resume. Additionally, you can experience living in different places, from densely populated big cities to more remote regions. 


Similar to a traditional role, travel nursing offers amazing benefits. Beyond health insurance or a 401K plan, often travel nursing jobs pay for housing or provide additional salary for living arrangements. Because of this, it can be a way to live in an area that would otherwise be harder to afford. In fact, some travel nurses often make more than traditional nurses. One travel nurse made $187,000 for nine months of work during the pandemic. 

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So, should nurses consider travel opportunities? If you’re wondering if travel nursing is right for you, at SVS Group, we’re here to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Our recruiters have years of staffing experience. From traditional full-time to temporary roles, we can help you find the best fit for your situation. Check out our candidate testimonials of satisfied job seekers. SVS is in several locations, including Chicago and Silicon Valley, giving us a large territory for placement. 

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