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Should I Put Pay Rates In Job Postings?

Should I Put Pay Rates In Job Postings? | SVS Group

Should I really put pay rates in job postings? As every HR professional or boss knows, writing a job description can be trickier than it sounds. Pay rates are one of the top determining factors for job seekers. The question then becomes, when is it best to reveal the salary? Should be it done upfront or is it best to wait until they are one or two rounds into the process? Let’s look at why you want to let candidates know what they can expect to make in the job posting. 

     1. Saves Time 

Some candidates already know exactly how much they need or want to make. When you are open about pay it gives you the advantage of knowing from the start who will accept the pay range you are offering. This saves you the time and energy of learning that you may be on different pages as you move forward in the interview process. Being upfront about salary shows that you respect a candidate’s time. Additionally, people who are looking for a new job aren’t likely to leave their current position for less money. If you are offering a competitive wage, this can be the key factor that sways a qualified job seeker to apply. 

     2. Transparency 

Trust is foundational in the interview process. Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker. Rather than having to wait, you would want to be able to make a decision about a potential job with as much information as possible from the beginning. If you don’t provide this information in the posting, you put the candidate in the position of trying to figure out when you are going to disclose the pay. It can become an awkward slope that feels like a guessing game. Eliminate this dance from day one by letting them know how much you can offer right away. 

     3. Inclusion 

Job markets today are full of diverse job seekers from different backgrounds. When you include pay in the job description, it lets future hires know that you are serious about providing equal wages. This move toward openness and away from discrepancies that can happen behind closed doors is the type of message you want to send in today’s market.  In addition to inclusion, pay has also become a less taboo topic than it used to be. Millennials and younger generations are more likely to discuss pay and research their options. If you don’t include pay, you may miss out on candidates as they simply move and apply to other companies who will. Keep in mind, salary is at the top of the list of what candidates look for when browsing jobs. 

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