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Recent Nursing Grad? Tips for Launching Your Career

Recent Nursing Grad? 3 Tips for Launching Your Career SVS Group

As a recent nursing grad, you want to launch your career. Your hard work from studying paid off. Now is your chance to put your skills to the test. With plenty of opportunities and 12 shifts ahead, here are three tips for helping you thrive in your first position.

Let’s dive into how to start your first nursing job on the right foot. 


As with any job, nursing isn’t just about the skills. It’s about the people. Use this time to meet other nurses and supervisors and build rapport. Your department is your team. You will want to have friends that can cover a shift if you need it. Seek a mentor as you meet veteran nurses and ask for their advice. Look beyond your career and find ways to add value to the overall morale. Learn who the influencers are (not just the managers) and get to know how they think. Getting to know people and making connections can open opportunities and help you avoid pitfalls. Remember, while you network, continue to have the mindset of a learner as you get to know the staff. Don’t forget to treat staff at every level with respect including cafeteria staff, janitors, etc. 

Chart, Chart, Chart 

This skill is something you learned in nursing school, but it is paramount to cover yourself legally. Unfortunately, lawsuits can happen and in a busy hospital, mistakes can be made. When shifts are long or you are tired, charting can feel tedious. Remember to stay focused and document. Complete reporting on your end not only protects you but is a key part of providing patient safety. If there is ever a question, your thorough records remove doubt. 

Manage Stress 

Nursing isn’t always easy and there are days when you may encounter life-threatening patient situations. Be sure to take care of yourself in the process as well. Set good boundaries for yourself. Take a minute to breathe if you feel overwhelmed. During breaks turn your phone off or go outside for a walk. Find ways to calm your nervous system amid the busyness. Your ability to master stress and make it work for you rather than against you will help you avoid burnout. If you need to rest on your days off, don’t feel guilty for saying no or sleeping in. Check out neuroscientist Dr. Leaf’s podcast on, “8 Ways to Build Stress Resilience.” 

Looking for a Nurse Role? SVS Can Help!

If you’re a recent nursing grad looking for a job in healthcare, you’ve come to the right place! SVS staffs positions for traditional roles and travel nursing opportunities. We have been in business for over 25 years and help put you on the path to success by finding the right placement for you. Don’t hesitate! Let us help you kickstart your healthcare career. Give our office a call today!