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A Few Reasons to Consider Contract-to-Hire Employees This Year

A Few Reasons to Consider Contract-to-Hire Employees This Year

If your business is understaffed, but you’re hesitant to bring on permanent full-timers for economic reasons, contract-to-hire employees could be the solution you’re looking for.

Here are a few benefits of contract-to-hires:


Sometimes your business’s workload can accelerate quickly. Having flexible employees who can adjust to this is a great thing, but if they have to adjust for too long, the quality of their work could diminish. 

Bringing on contractors allows you to adjust the size of your workforce along with the workload. Whether it’s a seasonal peak in demand, or some other type of surge, contract-to-hires give you the flexibility to stay on top of production.

A Better Interview Process

The average interview process involves a lot of time and energy just to find the right person—and even more hassle if the person doesn’t work out. Hiring contract workers allows you to test out a potential full-time hire with no commitment.

You’ll get to see how they work in action, instead of relying on the word of others and a potentially misleading first impression during the interview. Many businesses fill their staff exclusively through temporary contractors. If you’re a small business without a robust HR department—or any HR department—this is a great way to keep your workforce lean while rising to the demands of your growing business.

You can use contract-to-hires to try out someone for a vacant role or you can use them to keep things running while you search for a full-time replacement elsewhere.

Save Money

Not only do you save time and energy, but contract-to-hires are typically less expensive than permanent hires. That’s because you’re not their employer—the temp agency is. They’re responsible for recruiting, screening, and providing benefits. They also handle payroll, unemployment insurance, and taxes. 

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If you’re a small business looking to keep your operation lean, using a staffing firm like SVS Group is a great way to save money by outsourcing your hiring and all the expenses that go along with it. 

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