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Need Payroll Assistance in the Bay Area? Consider Outsourcing

Need Payroll Assistance in the Bay Area? SVS Group

If you’re trying to keep your startup lean, it may be more cost-effective to outsource your payroll. Not only will it save you money, but it’ll save you time and potential legal problems down the road. 

And if you’re already working with a staffing agency to hire prospective employees, letting them handle it is a straightforward decision. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

You’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about messing up someone’s paycheck. A staffing firm like SVS Group will handle payroll processing, including all the necessary paperwork for government reporting. We’ll cross the T’s and dot the I’s so that you never have to worry about litigation because you forgot to fill out a box.

Less Technology to Worry About

SVG’s payroll accommodation program means you can choose your candidate and their salary while we take care of the rest. They’ll report their time to us and we’ll take it from there for a percentage mark-up of their pay rate, which includes applicable taxes, workers’ compensation, and government reporting forms.

You don’t have to invest in any payroll software or train yourself how to use it. Which leaves more time to focus on the growth of your business. Even if you already have a dedicated HR Manager or even a small team, letting a staffing firm assist in certain areas can help cover your bases. 

Simplifying the Hiring Process

It’s disheartening to go through dozens of interviews to hire the right person, only to find out that they’re not a good fit.

One of the best ways you can streamline your hiring process and mitigate risk is to use a staffing firm for an employee’s first 90 days when the risk of turnover is at its highest. This takes off the burden of unemployment claims and many other onboarding costs. 

That’s why going with temps or contract-to-hires is an excellent risk-free way to try out candidates. While SVS will always try to place the best candidate in the roles you need, sometimes it doesn’t work out. 

Partner With SVS Group For Payroll Assistance

Since 1996, SVS Group has built our foundation on making lasting relationships with our clients. We take the stress out of hiring and can take the stress out of payroll for you as well.

Contact us today to find out more about our payroll services.