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3 Reasons Temporary Workers May Be the Best Move For Your Business

Temporary staffing has become a legitimate method to supplement your staffing needs. Whether you just need extra help during a busy season or you need to cover a gap or two during a permanent employee's extended leave, bringing on temp employees has ...

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Top Resume Trends for 2022

The job market is always evolving and to make sure you stay relevant as a job seeker, your resume must evolve with it. Here are the top resume trends to apply to your resume in 2022: Focus On Achievements Skills are important, but how you put thos...

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A Few Reasons to Consider Contract-to-Hire Employees This Year

If your business is understaffed, but you're hesitant to bring on permanent full-timers for economic reasons, contract-to-hire employees could be the solution you're looking for. Here are a few benefits of contract-to-hires: Flexibility Sometimes ...

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How Often Do Temp-to-Hire Positions Lead to a Full-Time Job?

Working as a temp-to-hire can be a great way to keep things interesting while searching for a place that might fit you best without having to commit first. But how often does a temp-to-hire position lead to a full-time job? We'll explore this questi...

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Need Payroll Assistance in the Bay Area? Consider Outsourcing

If you're trying to keep your startup lean, it may be more cost-effective to outsource your payroll. Not only will it save you money, but it'll save you time and potential legal problems down the road.  And if you're already working with a staffing...

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3 Easy Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Your resume is your first chance to show a company what sets you apart from other job seekers. That means you must treat it as a marketing document designed to sell yourself as a quality candidate. Here are three tips to make your resume rise to th...

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How A Staffing Company Finds You Qualified Candidates

It's a job seekers' market right now with more jobs than candidates, which means competition for quality workers is higher than ever. Companies across America have empty roles to fill and those that succeed do so by adapting their strategies to curre...

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3 Interview Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

You've applied to your dream job and they've called you back for an interview—congratulations! But don't start celebrating yet because you still have work to do. Interviews are nerve-wracking for most job seekers. Follow our three tips to replace ...

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Promotion for Keith Gibbs

SVS Group is excited to announce the promotion of Keith Gibbs to Branch Manager for our Goodyear, Arizona location. Keith Gibbs has been working a Blended Desk for the past year. He brings with him extraordinary interpersonal skills, tremendous succ...

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Solider Angel 2021

The Oakland Team got together to help our Armed Service men and women enjoy the Holidays....

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The Oakland Team got together to help our Armed Service men and women enjoy the Holidays[/caption]

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