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Need Healthcare Professionals? Work With A Staffing Agency for Better Results

Need Healthcare Professionals? Work With A Staffing Agency for Better Results SVS Group

No matter the industry, working with a staffing agency can bring you better results. This is especially true for healthcare professionals. As expert recruiters, we understand your needs. The right employee will not only fit with your current staff, but they will be here to stay.

So how can we help you find the right fit in less time? Let’s look at a few reasons. 

Candidate Quality 

You may be able to bring in a lot of candidates on your own, but the quality of the candidates determines their longevity. When you work with us, you accelerate your process. Our recruiters listen carefully to what you need and want, helping you pinpoint the most important qualifications. We spend time reading resumes and speaking directly with candidates, sending you the top talent. Our thorough research and interview process narrows the field and helps you pick from the best of the best. From educational qualifications to character assessment, our recruiters have honed the ability to read a candidate’s skill set and match you with the right fit. Just look at the testimonials of these satisfied employers. 

Rapport: The Vital Ingredient 

Hiring in the healthcare industry is competitive. The physician shortage has made the demand greater than ever. Our team builds rapport with potential hires, advocating for your company and building trust between your team and the new hire from application to onboarding.  If a candidate has the option between two similar jobs with the same pay, they will likely go with the one they trust based on their first impressions. At SVS, we’ve spent the last 25 years building relationships. Instead of starting from square one, we’ve already built rapport with job seekers who are actively seeking the right placement. Trust starts before day one as our experienced staff guides your new recruit straight to your door. 

Time to Hire 

Because of our strong pipeline, SVS Group drastically decreases your time to hire. Gone are the days of wasting time digging through applications and rounds of interviews. We locate strong, dependable candidates for you. Imagine your day being free to focus on other aspects of your business as you place the burden of staffing in our knowledgeable hands. We also save you money in the long run by increasing retention. Whether you need a position filled fast or are just looking for the right candidate, we can help. 

Smooth Onboarding 

Finally, we can help you with the initial steps of onboarding your candidate. Did you know, according to the Muse, that 72% of young job seekers said they regretted a job after starting? This can be due to poor onboarding. Recruiters help set employee expectations correctly from the beginning. We take the time to explain the job to new recruits, helping them decide if the job is right for them before they start.

Ready to Work with Us? 

Let us show you firsthand how working with a staffing agency will bring you better results. Give our office a call! Our recruiters are on standby to help you find workers who will show up to their shifts with the excellence and tenacity you are looking for. Start saving time and money today!