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Leadership Qualities Every Millennial Wants in a Manager

Leadership Qualities Every Millennial Wants in a Manager SVS

If you are a manager or business owner, you likely have a millennial on staff. According to a recent article by Ann Lettinik, millennials will make up 43.1% of the workforce in North America by 2025. The rapid changes in mindsets and technology between generations have left many managers scratching their heads as they try to connect with the millennial demographic.

Consider these qualities millennials want in a leader as you hire and train them. 

Leaders that Listen 

Millennials are full of ideas and innovative creativity. Raised in part on social media, they often have opinions and share them. In the workplace, millennials want their input taken seriously. Many aren’t afraid to discuss hard topics like discrimination, transparency, and ethics. This feedback can cause companies to raise their standards of operation. In addition, it can shed light on issues that seem peripheral but are vital. Develop empathetic listening when they share by seeking to understand what is being said. Their passion can promote positive change. 

Freedom and Balance 

Secondly, all generations want work-life balance, but millennials have come to expect it. With busy lives, families, and volunteering, putting all their focus on just having a career is not usually how they operate. Past generations may have been more singularly focused on their career and routine. In contrast, millennials crave autonomy. This is why many have even started businesses, mapping out their workplace environments and schedules. It is crucial for millennials who work in a corporate environment to provide them with work-life balance in their schedules and workloads. In an everyday setting, this looks like trusting them to their jobs and treating them like adults. Employers who refuse to make this shift may see an exodus of millennial workers who may even post about it online on their way out. 

De-centralized Empathic Leadership 

Millennials gravitate toward management styles that are more team-oriented than top-down hierarchies. Emotional intelligence and authentic connection breed loyalty among millennials. A millennial will look for a manager who can understand multiple points of view. Additionally, jobs are viewed as partnerships. Millennials assess a company based on whether or not it is a mutual fit with their goals and values. 

Opportunities for Impact 

Finally, millennials want to make an impact. Companies that provide ways to give back or champion causes attract millennials. Provide opportunities for millennials to enact change or help your company connect to a cause. Work that matters is more likely to attract their attention and give them a sense of purpose within the company. 

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