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Is There Really a Best Time of Year to Hire New Staff Members?

Is There Really a Best Time of Year to Hire New Staff Members? SVS Group

Is there really a best time of year to hire new staff members? Let’s explore the different options and find what works best for you. 

1. Schedule of Employees 

Part of hiring is considering when each person that needs to be part of the process will be around. Trying to hire near the holidays can create stress. Employees that need to be part of the interview are often traveling or out of the office. Candidates may have trouble scheduling something during months when people are normally on vacation. If you know there is a time of year when key decision-makers are usually gone, avoid scheduling things around that time. Additionally, skip times of the year when your staff may be busier than usual. Look at your overall calendar and start planning ahead. According to Modern Recruiters, the best time to start the hiring process (job posting) is three months before you need to make the decision. Ultimately, this varies from company to company. However, working with a staffing agency can cut the time to hire down significantly. 

 2. Consider the New Year

The new year can be a great time to consider hiring because at this point you may have a clear picture of what you can offer. Budgets are usually set toward the beginning of the year helping you gauge compensation and benefits. This is also a time when employees may begin to consider looking for something new. Resolutions and routines can have people craving a change in scenery. If you want to hire over the new year, spend the holidays preparing for deciding what qualities you would need in an ideal candidate. Now is the perfect time to gather information and clarity on future roles you will offer throughout the year. 

3. Prepare Ahead of Time 

We would be remiss without mentioning the work it takes to prepare ahead of time. If you know a time is coming when you will need additional help, begin gathering resources now. It may be that temporary staff can help alleviate stress in a busy time of year or you may want to have additional help over the summer when other employees are vacationing. Don’t wait to start networking and building those connections now. So when is the best time to hire new staff members? The best time for you may be different than someone else, but you can stay prepared. 

Planning Ahead? SVS Group Can Help

If you are planning ahead or want to take advantage of hiring over the new year, let us help! We have a pool of candidates who are looking for various positions and are waiting to read your job description. Regardless of what level of experience you need, we have staffed many roles and varying levels of leadership. Our recruiters can also help you strategically plan ahead for later in the year. Our divisions cover finance, banking, industrial, administrative, food service, and technology. Contact our office to speak with one of our representatives! No matter what of year it is, it’s always the right time to call SVS Group!