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How to Re-Engage Struggling Employees

How to Re-engage Struggling Employees | SVS Group

When employees are struggling, it can feel like an overwhelming task to help them re-engage. However, saving an employee from quitting can save your company time and money. At times, even great employees get discouraged or need help reconnecting to their work. From candid conversations to offering projects that pique their interest, there are several things you can do to improve employee engagement and happiness.

Today we will dive into a few ways you can support a disengaged employee:

Have the Conversations 

Part of building rapport with your employees is treating them as adults. Employees have lives outside of work. An employee may have a loved one who is ill or an outside responsibility that is hindering their ability to bring their best to work.

One way to support your employee is to be curious. Accusing will shut down communication, but ask if there is a way you can support your employee. Their answer may surprise you.

For some employees, something like offering flexible scheduling would alleviate work stress. For other employees, it may be that they’ve realized they are more interested in another type of work. You may be able to find a position that better suits their strengths within the company. The reason will remain unknown until you can ask them. It’s better to have a kind, curious conversation than to assume. 

Show Appreciation

If your employee has been working hard and it’s going unnoticed, that’s discouraging.

Look for ways to recognize your employee’s efforts. This may not only keep a good employee from leaving, but it is also a mark of healthy company culture.

Make the Path Clear 

According to Work Human, employees who see a path to advancement are 5 times less likely to leave a company.

If your employee has been at their job for years without promotion, they may be feeling undervalued. To re-engage struggling employees, make the steps to moving up the ladder very clear.

Offer opportunities for your employee to grow. This kind of clarity provides motivation and helps employees feel like their hard work is leading somewhere. Growth helps employees avoid stagnation. Variety and having a vision for the future help employees take ownership of their work in a positive way. 

Invite Honesty 

This one can feel a little intimidating for managers. However, your employees have valuable feedback on the culture of your organization. They see the day-to-day interactions that might be hidden from the view of those in the top leadership.

Allow your employees to give you their input and view on how they see your company’s culture. If more than one employee is struggling, it may be time to ask yourself if your company culture is one that employees thrive in or want to escape from.

Remember, you can always do the work to improve your company culture over time. Solid feedback will enhance it in the long run. It’s also part of what makes good cultures even better. 

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