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How to Build a More Inclusive and Equitable Workplace

How to Build a More Inclusive and Equitable Workplace | SVS Group

Now more than ever, employers are asking themselves how to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Diverse workplaces bring a plethora of viewpoints to the table, adding value and making robust teams.

It’s not only helpful, but it is also the law. The EEOC states, that employers must not discriminate based on race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), age (40 or over), genetic information, or disability. In this blog, we will discuss the significant role that diversity and inclusion play in today’s world and why you need to make it a top priority. 

Below Are a Few of the Best DEI Tips:

Unconscious Bias 

Sometimes the bias that is hidden is the one that is the most pervasive. It’s important for employers to educate themselves on topics of unconscious bias.

This may mean holding a training or seminar with key decision makers to avoid hidden bias or raise awareness. Having a diverse committee participate in the hiring process also helps ensure that a candidate is considered on a fair basis.

Having more than one manager involved not only gives your company a more well-rounded view of the candidate’s experience but also helps side-step choosing one candidate over another based on a hidden bias of one manager. 

Eliminate Biased Language 

Another way to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace is to be mindful of the language you are using in job descriptions.

Keep descriptions neutral, providing information that could apply to any candidate. Each potential hire should be asked the same questions in the hiring process.

Additionally, some companies review resumes with certain details redacted like age, gender, or where a candidate went to school. This allows each person to be considered solely on merit. 

Creating Space for Diversity 

Thirdly, creating space for diversity means leaning into the conversation around the diversity in your company currently.

Take an objective look at your company in the area of equality. Is there a department where there is a gender wage gap? Are you offering benefits like daycare options that make it possible for parents to be part of your team?

Also, review your company’s anti-discrimination policy. Recently the state of California broadened its definition of harassment, requiring more from employers. Have your team stay up to date on changes in the law and ask them for new ideas on ways to encourage diversity.

Tough conversations about this topic will pay dividends as potential hires see that efforts are being made to ensure they are supported. 

Consider Sourcing 

If most of your hires are through employee referrals, you may be hiring from a similar group. Consider going outside of your company for sourcing. A staffing agency can point you in the direction of where to look, helping you have a more diverse group of candidates to choose from. 

We Can Help! 

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