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How Mindset Affects Your Leadership and Business

How Mindset Affects Your Leadership and Business SVS Group

If you are in leadership, you have likely recognized the importance of mindset. High-performing athletes spend significant time on their mindset, knowing that challenges either fuel success or prematurely stop it from reaching its full potential. As a business owner or manager, your mindset sets the pace for the company and team. Here are four things to consider about the mindset you are either consciously or unconsciously cultivating every day internally and throughout your company. 

Fixed Mindset versus Growth Mindset

“Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Caroline Dweck does an excellent job explaining a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. In a fixed mindset, there isn’t much room for growth or change. People are considered either gifted or not within a specific area. The primary measure of success is performance. A fixed mindset stays the same, without much room for pivoting or growth. A fixed mindset can develop based on someone else’s belief about a person that isn’t factual, but becomes a reality because the listener agrees with the person making the judgment. It stunts growth and judges employees based on a moment rather than what can be developed. 

A growth mindset is focused on just that: growth. Someone with a growth mindset will approach problems knowing that they can learn tools or grow to overcome challenges. Success is measured more so in terms of change, learning, and growth. This means that everyone has potential and can learn skills over time to have better outcomes. Approaching your employees will a fixed mindset will cause you to invest in their growth as a person versus simply being tied to their performance. 

Willingness to Make Mistakes 

Additionally, a key marker of a growth versus fixed mindset is a willingness to make mistakes. Someone with a fixed mindset may fear failure or see it as a final outcome. A growth mindset will see a failure as an opportunity or invitation to more growth. This simple, subtle shift can be what causes companies to pivot when necessary or give up. Empowering your employees to make mistakes in a safe environment, helps them realize that growth is more important than perfection. New and seasoned employees need the space to try and learn as well as the space to innovate.  

Innovation, Collaboration 

This foundational pillar in your company culture will empower employees to reach new heights in innovation. Your company’s next great idea could be hidden within the minds of your employees. When you have a growth mindset, you allow those around you to bring ideas to the table that can enhance and increase your bottom line! Growth mindsets on a team lends itself to innovation and collaboration, encouraging more growth. 

Developing a Leadership Mindset: Daily Practice 

It takes time to develop this type of mindset in leadership, especially if it is new. Take a few minutes and journal the ways that you may be operating in a fixed mindset versus growth. Think of a particular challenge you are facing and how you can approach it from a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. Remember, you can always change and grow! Practice makes perfect. Be compassionate with yourself and allow your brain to shift over time. 

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