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How Can I Build Better Employee Loyalty?

How Can I Build Better Employee Loyalty? SVS Group

Quick resignations and a sea of job offerings have employers wondering, how can I build employee loyalty? In fact, according to CFO, 36% of employees plan to leave their jobs in 2023. Attracting top talent is only half the battle. Retention is the long-term glue that causes your workers to decide to stay with your company when they have hundreds of other options.

Today we will offer a few actionable steps you can take to build a strong sense of loyalty with your employees. 


ROI doesn’t just refer to clicks on your website. When you invest in employees you have a bigger chance of return. This means treating your employees as a whole person rather than an extension of your company. Great leaders care about the career of their employees beyond their current roles. Look for ways to promote from within. Make the path to growth clear and provide the training they need to excel. 

Be Proactive 

Don’t wait until the exit interview to gather employee feedback. Send out surveys. Begin to set up one on one meetings with your employees. Use this time as an opportunity to hear their feedback and allow them to ask questions. Find out what matters to them in their work and make shifts that will help. For example, you may find that your finance person is actually a marketing whiz. Don’t be afraid to shift roles and help each person find the role they will enjoy and be the most productive in. 


Don’t just say it. Make it a lifestyle. Regularly find ways to catch your employees doing something well. Be specific. 

Provide Opportunities to Connect 

Especially with remote working, employees want to feel like they are part of something bigger. Host a charity marathon. Have a quarterly office gathering. Give employees a chance to connect in a more relaxed way. This includes giving them opportunities to spend time with their families. Consider offering increased PTO or flexible scheduling so employees know they aren’t chained to a desk. 

Develop a Strong Culture 

Imagine the type of company you’d like to work for. Is it respectful? Is it collaborative? Look for ways to enact that type of culture throughout the organization. Be transparent. Be trustworthy and honest. These are the types of ingredients that will cause employees to want to stay. All of the events and benefits in the world can’t cover up a bad company culture. Spend time placing people with high levels of empathy and conflict resolution skills in places of management.

Build Your Dream Team With SVS Group

If you’re still asking yourself, “How can I build employee loyalty?”, keep in mind, you need the right people in place. Developing a great company culture that attracts people starts with hiring well. Maybe you aren’t sure how or where to start. That’s where SVS comes in! We shave massive amounts of time off of the hiring process and bring the best candidates straight to you. If you’re looking to hire give our office a call or email us today!