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How a Staffing Agency Helps You Hire Faster and Better

How a Staffing Agency Helps You Hire Faster and Better

If you are about to bring on a new employee, a staffing agency helps you hire faster and better.

How? We’re glad you asked.  At SVS Group, we aren’t just another vendor. We understand that hiring takes due diligence, a strong pipeline of qualified candidates, and the right staffing solutions for each company.

From the job post to employee skill matching, let’s discuss how a staffing agency can accelerate your recruitment strategy. 

Strong Leads 

The hiring process can be full of potential hazards. A resume only tells you so much about a candidate and doesn’t include vital information about their dependability, soft skills, and work style.

Finding the right fit for your team means finding a person who fits the company culture. Additionally, it means finding candidates who have the right mix of experience to succeed in the role.

At SVS Group, we have spent years cultivating a pool of strong partnerships and candidates. We bring top talent to your company’s doorstep, making hiring stress-free and easy. 

Expert Vetting 

In addition to providing you with quality leads, our recruiters are experts at vetting the wrong candidates. We look for red flags and keep the process simple, helping you easily hire and onboard.

We also cut down on your time to hire significantly. SVS Group offers staffing for part-time roles, full-time roles, direct placement, and temporary workers.

Whatever your needs are, our thorough and precise process helps you avoid the wrong hire, saving you money on retention. Working with a staffing agency aids you in finding the right person for the long haul. 

It Saves Time 

As a manager or business owner, you know that time is valuable. Spending time reviewing resumes, calling candidates, interviewing them, and doing a background check can be very time-consuming.

If your company is in a busy season or your current employees are stressed, this can make hiring even more frustrating. According to LinkedIn, even administrative roles can take over a month to fill.

Avoid making a bad hire because you are pressed for time. Hire a temp while you look for the ideal candidate. SVS has the resources and manpower you need to relieve the pressure of time surrounding the recruiting process. 

We Hire Across Multiple Industries! 

Our team has helped employers in several industries including finance/accounting, administrative roles, mortgage/banking, food service, light industrial, and IT.

Our employer testimonials page is filled with reviews from managers and business owners just like you. The SVS staff is trained to listen to your needs. We mine data and incoming applications to help you hire the top candidates for your most valued roles. It’s clear that using a staffing agency helps you hire faster and better. 

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