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Generational Differences In Workers & How to Attract Younger Employees

Generational Differences In Workers & How to Attract Younger Employees SVS Group

In today’s market, there are several generational differences in workers and employers are looking for ways to attract younger employees. As an employer, you are likely managing employers anywhere between the ages of 18-65. Is there a way to create an environment that fosters inclusivity?

Let’s demystify how you can work toward a unified workplace that brings the best out of each generation:

Unique Perspectives 

In order to sidestep potential issues, it’s important to understand the point of view of each generation. Generations that did not grow up with smartphones and email will likely prefer face-to-face meetings. They may not consider an email an update on a project. They have also likely grown up with a strong work ethic and will often put in long hours. Their education and overall perspectives on what success means may vary greatly from their younger counterparts. 

Millennials and Gen Z tend to value work-life balance. While both generations are equally ambitious, younger generations are more likely to use technology. They tend to prefer emails or texts over meetings. As technology has been rapidly changing around them their entire lives, they are likely to value innovation and creativity over traditional methods. Company culture and the ability to relate well to their boss and co-workers is something that will likely factor heavily into their career decisions. 

What Appeals to Each Generation?

How can you manage generational differences and attract younger workers? Part of managing each generation well is knowledge. Rather than stereotyping, find ways to highlight the strengths of each generation. Employees who are older generally have a wide breadth of knowledge and will appreciate being able to share their wisdom. Don’t take their time-tested advice for granted, they’ve likely seen a lot. Build in opportunities for them to coach and train (if they are good with people). Ask them what they would like to see and be sure to consider what your company offers in terms of pension and retirement. Train them on using new technology or meet them where they are and give them face-to-face time when needed. 

Let Younger Workers Utilize Their Skills

For younger workers, give them a chance to add to their resume. Invite their creativity and ideas. Collaboration is key. Consider inviting younger workers to update the technology you utilize. Be sure to include activities that help them engage with their work like cause-driven days off. Take the time to ask them about what matters to them in the workplace. Often things like flexible scheduling, working from home, or more PTO will attract this generation who may also be freelancing or running another business on the side. Embrace that this generation is likely building their own personal brand and see it as a positive as they test their own ideas out on their own sites and improve their skills through multiple avenues. Remember, many millennials also have large student debts to pay off, and adding incentives for help with loans is very attractive. 

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