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Five Reasons to Consider a Temporary Position

Five Reasons to Consider a Temporary Position SVS Group

Whether you are new to the job market or have been in your field for a long time, there are five reasons to consider a temporary position. From flexibility to extra income, temporary positions are an easy way to boost your resume.

Let us walk you through the benefits to help you decide if a temp position is right for you. 

 1. Test Drive a New Career Field 

If you are entering a new field or considering changing jobs, a temporary position allows you to try it out without making a long-term commitment. During this time you can decide if you like the work, how you feel about the company culture, and gauge the environment. Temporary positions are the perfect opportunity to see if your skills are a good match for a new role. At the end of the assignment, if you decide it’s not for you, you can walk away with new connections and references in tow. 

2. Gain Experience 

If you have a gap in your resume, temporary positions allow you to put yourself back on the proverbial map quickly. Additionally, taking on a temporary position gives you a competitive advantage over candidates who have no experience in a field. In some fields even entry-level jobs require experience. These roles allow you to have that head start. 

3. Make Additional Income 

With a possible recession coming, it’s always a good idea to establish multiple streams of income. A temp role can help you recoup from holiday spending or save toward a bigger purchase. Temporary roles are also a great way to pay down student loans. They often provide flexibility and allow you to focus on a full-time job while making extra money on the side. 

4. Temporary Location  

If you will only be in an area for a few months (for example military spouses or students), temporary positions can help. This offers you a way to work and make connections without being tied to a certain area. The good news is, there are often lots of temporary roles in major cities that can prepare you for your steps. If you recently relocated, a temporary role also allows you to become more acclimated to the city while you are still in the “getting to know you” phase. 

5. Filling In 

For some companies, the interview process for full-time roles can take several rounds. Job hunting itself takes time. Having a temporary position gives you the freedom to be more selective as you search. It helps alleviate the pressure of needing to find something right away. It also provides a source of income if you have been laid off and are in between jobs. 

Ready to Look for a Temp Job? SVS Group Can Help

These five reasons to consider a temporary position just scratch the surface of the benefits. At SVS Group, we offer jobs in multiple industries. Our experienced staff works with companies throughout Sacramento, Silicon Valley, and Fremont to bring you the best opportunities. From resume tips to interview advice, we’re here for you. Search our open positions today or call or email to speak with a recruiter