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Feeling Understaffed? Here’s What to Do

Feeling Understaffed? Here's What to Do SVS Group

Being chronically understaffed hurts your company. It costs you time, talent, opportunities, and cash. Use this article to learn why you can’t let chronic understaffing continue – and how to beat it without breaking your payroll budget. This article is a great resource to share with your clients to inform them and create conversation to support others dealing with staffing issues. Consider sharing it on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to spark conversation.

The Cost of Being Understaffed 

The costs of being understaffed are many. Employees who are overworked are more likely to make mistakes. Decreased quality can be poor reviews on products or lower sales. Additionally, it can affect your company’s reputation. All of this can hurt your company’s ability to acquire new customers or attract new employees. Overworked, stressed employees are also more likely to leave. Having a tense work environment can create unnecessary conflicts. When employee satisfaction is down, work suffers and the overall culture can downturn.  

Time is of the Essence 

Part of the issue with being understaffed is that burnout can happen quickly. In fact, according to Havard Business Review, 50% of managers already feel burnt out. Each day that goes by current employees feel the effects. Because it can take time to hire, on average 44 days, it is vital to start the process ASAP. The longer it continues, the higher the risk of losing morale, good employees, and not meeting quotas. Chronic understaffing is only chronic when management doesn’t take action. All of these things can be avoided in ways that make sense for your company. 

Why a Staffing Company is Your Solution 

Using a staffing company cuts down on your time to hire. SVS has built a pipeline of qualified job seekers who are waiting to match with the opportunity. We vet candidates ahead of time so you don’t have to. Additionally, SVS offers multiple types of staffing depending on your needs and budget. Temporary workers can be brought in to fill needs during a busy season. Contractors can provide project-specific expertise. Contract-to-hire employees allow you to see if a candidate is a good fit before committing. We also provide direct placement for times when you know a role needs to be long-term. One size doesn’t fit all. We understand that your company has unique needs and challenges. We’re here to provide you with options, stress-free. 

What’s it Like to Work with SVS? 

SVS has helped employers all over CA and TX just like you. Check out this testimonial from one of the nation’s largest engineering plastic distributors:

“Our company has worked with SVS Group for several years on a national level. I have never been disappointed in their efforts to present quality candidates for consideration. SVS has filled both temp-to-hire and direct-hire positions for us. Whenever a position becomes available my first call is to SVS Group. I don’t even think twice about it.”

-Fullerton, CA 

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