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Employee Expectations are Changing. Here’s What They Want Most

Employee Expectations are Changing. Here's What They Want Most SVS Group

Employee expectations are changing. We’re here to discuss what they want most. In a changing workforce landscape, employees have become the decision-makers. The economic state has made the market more competitive and as an employer, you may be wondering what workers really value.

From work-life balance to purpose-driven work, keep these things in mind.

Cause Driven Work 

Just like consumers, employees are more aware than ever of what a company says they value. This means there is an expectation that companies will be transparent about things like environmental impact and reducing waste. Additionally, employees want to know their work matters. They will often look for companies that practice cause-driven work through charitable contributions, raising awareness, or supporting a cause. Meaningful work connects employees to something greater than themselves. Rather than companies simply stating they care, employees want to see company values exemplified in practical ways. Employers can use this to their advantage as these causes are a great way to engage employees throughout the year creating a double win.


Gone are the days when burnout was glamorized. The not-so-distant pandemic reminded employees that they can produce results from home and still stay connected to their families. Employees expect employers to understand that they have lives outside of their jobs and to offer support in their other roles. This can mean anything from offering flexible scheduling to offering insurance benefits that cover counseling. According to a Surgeon General report, 81% of workers say they will be looking for a workplace that supports their mental health. In addition, employees expect to see that leadership supports diversity and inclusivity as part of the culture. 

Leaders with High EQ

Employees will also look to employers to provide steady, consistent leaders. Traits like empathy, great communication, and transparency are key factors employees will look for as they consider where they want to be trained. Fuzzy paths to growth and feeling like they are not being listened to will cause employees to walk away. With that in mind, employers must give an ear to what their employees are saying and invest in making the right hires from the top down.

Employers Expectations 

Just as employee expectations are changing, so are employers. Employers are now interested in bringing on creative and technical minds alike to encourage innovation and new ideas. Things like the use of AI are rapidly changing jobs and employers want to know the employees can pivot to keep up. Of course, the standard bones of excellence in work and meeting benchmarks remain for employers. This is where the artful mastery of communication and conflict resolution comes in as employers must work to make the workplace a space to collaborate rather than micromanage. As workers move to remote, employers will continue to value results. 

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