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3 Interview Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

3 Interview Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job SVS Group

You’ve applied to your dream job and they’ve called you back for an interview—congratulations! But don’t start celebrating yet because you still have work to do. Interviews are nerve-wracking for most job seekers.

Follow our three tips to replace nerves with confidence.

1. Research

Read everything you can about the company—their website, press releases, social media. 

  • You’ll gain a better understanding of the company’s mission and how your background fits into it.
  • You’ll feel more comfortable going into the interview than if you went in blind.
  • Interviewers can easily determine if you know nothing about their company and they will cross you off their potential candidate list.

When you practice your answers to standard interview questions, pepper some of this info in to show you’ve done your homework. This research will also help you plan questions for them. 

Bonus tip: Find out who’s interviewing you. Just finding a name and picture can help you relax. 

2. Dress the Part

Even if their office dress code is more laid back, show up in professional business attire for an interview. This is the first step toward making a great first impression, so make sure everything is clean and pressed. No holes, stains, or loose threads. And polish those shoes.

Personal hygiene is also of utmost importance. Trim your fingernails, wear deodorant if you tend to sweat, and eat nothing that will affect your breath right before the interview.

3. Consider Body Language, Demeanor

Hiring managers are looking for more than a skill set. They want to hire someone personable with a positive demeanor. Slouching, not smiling, and lack of eye contact will quickly show them you lack social etiquette and may not be pleasant to work with.

Even if you’re a people person, you can still sabotage your body language by not taking care of yourself before the interview. Here’s what to do to ensure you feel good on the day of your interview:

  • Get plenty of rest. A lack of sleep can affect your memory and concentration, throwing away all that preparation you did.
  • Eat light. Depending on the time of your interview, don’t eat right before. If you have to, make it a light snack.
  • Go easy on the coffee. Even if you’re a regular coffee drinker, you must account for the adrenaline that will spike in a new setting, meeting new people. Too much coffee can make you more nervous than normal.
  • Stretch. Stretching before an interview helps your muscles relax and keeps you from fidgeting or feeling uncomfortable.

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Preparation is key to most things in life and landing that dream job is no different. A little research, a little self-care, and a little shoe polish will make a good first impression. One more way to boost your confidence is to have partner like SVS Group on your side. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for every interview. Join our talent network today to enhance your job search.