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Determining If a Recruiter Is the Right Fit As You Close Out 2022

Determine If a Recruiter is the Right Fit As You Close Out 2022

2022 coming to a close and now is a great time to evaluate if a recruiter is the right fit. If you are currently working with a recruiter, or are looking to try one for the first time, how do you know if the person is the right fit for your company?

Look for these skills and signs to find top-notch recruiters to staff your organization:

They Listen to Your Needs

This may seem like an obvious skill, but recruiters need to be great listeners. A recruiter’s job is to dig deep and understand the roles your company is offering thoroughly. This means asking key questions and pinpointing the level of skill that is required to excel at the job. They also communicate effectively and keep you updated in a timely manner. Additionally, they will communicate at a high level with new employees, screening them to prevent surprises down the road. As a liaison between you and new hires, they are the first impression potential workers will have. 

They Maintain Quality Leads 

A strong pipeline can prevent your company from losing time and productivity. While hundreds of leads may come in, a skilled recruiter can shift through the applications and mine out the top talent. They will also be able to staff various types of employees from full-time, part-time, temporary, and contract. Being sensitive to time, an experienced recruiter will also help you fill roles quickly and make the hiring process seamless. Keeping an eye on company culture, recruiters will also look for the right soft skills in future hires to match your team. 

They Have an Understanding of Best Practices 

To avoid liability and bias, it’s important to ensure that your hiring and onboarding process is accessible and follows the EEOC guidelines. Paperwork and payroll can be another time-consuming step, especially if you need a temporary hire. Recruiters and staffing agencies that are the fit will provide the employee care and the follow-up you need while ensuring that your company is complying with the necessary documentation and background checks. 

Go Into 2023 Strong with the Right Recruiter for Your Team! 

As recruiters deal with your most valuable asset, human capital, it is crucial that you have the confidence of knowing your company’s reputation is in good hands. SVS has recruiters that have staffed multiple industries including finance/accounting, mortgage/banking, light industrial, food service, administrative, and IT. Check out our awards in the San Francisco Times, Phoenix Business Times, Silicon Valley San Jose Business Times, Diversity, and more! Click for more information about our placement services.

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