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Why a Contract-to-Hire Approach May Be Good For Your Business

Why Choose Contract-to-Hire for Your Business SVS Group

The hiring process can be tedious. You’re never really certain if you’ve hired the right person until it’s too late. What if there was a better way? 

Contract-to-hire positions are that way. A contract hire is candidate brought in for a short-term position with an expiration date set on it. Along with it comes the possibility of being hired full time. A contract hire is not a self-employed contractor. They’re under contract to work for you as an employee. All the paperwork and even their payroll is often handled by the staffing agency.

How Does it Work?

Using a recruiting agency like SVS Group to hire contract-to-hire workers means taking a lot of the work off your plate. The agency can handle sourcing, interviewing, and screening of candidates. They’ll be directed to you for the final interview after they’ve been vetted as a quality candidate by the staffing firm.

If you decide to hire them, there’s still more on the back end you won’t have to worry about. The staffing agency often handles a contract-to-hire’s payroll.

While the typical duration of a contract hire position runs from three to twelve months, you can make it shorter or keep it open-ended. It’s really all up to you. And if the contract hire turns out to be just the person you’re looking for, you can decide to bring them on as a direct hire in whatever way suits the company’s needs.

Pros of Contract-to-Hires

  • Much easier interview process. With the staffing firm doing most of the work, the only tasks that’s on you is the final interview. That sure beats sifting through resumes and setting up rounds of interviews.
  • Try before you buy. The ability to test out an employee on the job is a much better process than screening and interviewing and relying on the accuracy of someone’s resume. If you decide someone’s not working out, it’s as simple as letting their contract run out.
  • Flexibility. Sometimes a company needs to work a new position into the budget. A contract-to-hire allows you to vet their work while they get work done.

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