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Building Company Culture With a Hybrid Workforce

Building Company Culture With a Hybrid Workforce SVS Group

Building a great company culture with a hybrid workforce a challenge. Is it possible to help your employees stay engaged, even if they work from home part-time? With creative thinking and the use of technology, your company can cultivate a strong culture from anywhere in the world.

Let’s explore a few tips on how to make this possible. 

Provide Mentorship 

In a competitive market (for employers), employee satisfaction is the name of the game. Building a strong culture is about knowing your team and being invested in their growth. Mentorship programs allow even remote workers to guide and train newer employees. Creating an online buddy system helps hybrid workers sidestep pitfalls and have immediate access to answers when they need it. This also decreases the isolating feeling of working alone. Mentorship can be done from anywhere by using technology. 

Use Technology 

Connection for hybrid workers often happens online. Utilizing applications like Zoom, Slack, and similar tools gives different departments a way to easily track projects and deadlines away from the office. These communication tools also ensure that everyone stays informed. Adding lists in an online tool like also allows everyone to see what tasks need to be completed in real-time. Miro allows you to draw diaphragms, use Post-it notes, make flowcharts, and for online brainstorming meetings. 


Transparency builds trust. Be upfront about changes within your organization. Be clear about expectations and also allow employees to give feedback. Setting up one on one video meetings and providing training materials will help your employees excel in their positions. This also relieves guesswork for employees who have less in-person interaction with managers. Be sure to store files and materials in a place where workers can access them online from anywhere. 

In Person Meet Ups 

The beauty of having a hybrid team is that human connection is still possible. Companies like Regus offices offer co-working space and allow your employees to have an office or conference room for the day, week, or month as needed if you lack office space. Beyond day-to-day work, scheduling company events or hosting luncheons once a month allow employees in different parts of the company to interact. Additionally, you can provide volunteer or charity opportunities, bringing everyone together for a common cause. 

Be Approachable 

Company culture ultimately flows from the top down. Certain elements of building a strong company culture with a hybrid workforce will apply no matter where your employees work. You can set the tone by having an open-door policy and being responsive when employees reach out. Operating with empathy and valuing your employees as people will be meaningful to them wherever they are. Remember to look for areas where your employees are performing well. Make an effort to connect and build rapport when you do them see. Offer flexibility where you can. These foundational tools will help you build a healthy culture for your employees overall. 

Be in the Know 

As changes happen within your industry, you want to stay informed. At SVS Group we post articles each week to help you anticipate coming trends and pivot as needed. These management strategies help you lead effectively and efficiently. Also, if you are considering hiring, let our team of experienced acquisition professionals help you hire the right people fast. We provide staffing for all types of positions and within multiple industries. Contact us today for more information!