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Bringing the Best Together When Filling Positions

Bringing the Best Together When Filling Positions SVS Group

When hiring new candidates, you often spend a lot of time assessing them on their own. But how they will fit in with their team is one of the most important things to consider. Here are some strategies for making sure you hire not just the best worker, but the best teammate.

Give Them a Tour

You can learn only so much sitting across a desk from one another. Take them around the office and introduce them to various key people. Not only will they get to assess whether the place will be a good fit for them, you’ll be able to get other key employees’ eyes on them. Maybe Bob in accounting is an excellent judge of character or Mandy in sales has a way of disarming people so you get a glimpse into their true nature.

An Interview and a Meal

If you’re hiring for a high-level position, it might be appropriate to take a candidate out to lunch or dinner. Seeing how they act and assessing their dinner table etiquette can be a great way to get further insight into their character.

It could also help them relax into their everyday persona so you can see a bit more of the person who you’ll be working alongside every day. Are they nice to the staff? Do they make eye contact? Can they hold a conversation beyond the normal interview Q&A? Doing this with the team they’ll be working with might also be a good evaluation. But make sure not to let the other team members take over and distract you from assessing the candidate.


Really, the only way to see if your new hire will work well with your existing team is to throw them into the fire. Consider making this position a contract-to-hire one. That way, if the interview process fails to reveal traits that won’t work for the company, you’ll surely catch them during their contract period. And if they don’t work out, it’s as simple as letting their contract run out.

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