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Should You Apply to a New Position with Your LinkedIn Profile?

Should You Apply with Your LinkedIn Profile Instead of Your Resume? SVS Group

LinkedIn is a great asset for job seekers and career-minded people everywhere. It’s a tool for not just finding a job, but building a career by establishing a network of contacts and staying up on industry news. But is it enough to replace a good old-fashioned resume?

LinkedIn has its own job board and many of the jobs posted allow you to apply using your LinkedIn profile instead of your resume. Companies have the option to require your application through other means and you should thoroughly read each posting for the requirements. But if a company has enabled applying with a LinkedIn profile, then it’s safe to assume it’s okay to do so.

These job postings will almost always give you the option to also apply with a resume. We recommend you do both. The reason being: if a hiring manager contacts you for an interview they’ll eventually ask you for your resume, anyway. If they already have your resume, then you’re one step ahead of the game.

Here are a Few Best Practices When Applying with Your LinkedIn Profile:

Use Keywords

Look for keywords related to the position in the company’s job description. Then pepper those keywords into your own profile where your experience and skills are a match. Many places scan resumes for these keywords with software before a hiring manager will read them.

Have a Current Profile Image

Make sure you have a relatively current photo that is professional. It doesn’t have to be a professionally taken photo (though that couldn’t hurt). You just have to look professional in it. That mean:

  • Wear professional attire.
  • Smile at the camera.
  • No wider than a medium closeup, featuring your head and shoulders.

If You Don’t Use It, Don’t Apply With It

If you’re inactive on LinkedIn, then it’s probably best to just apply to the position using your resume. An out-of-date profile with no photo and only a few contacts would not be a good look for your job prospects.

That being said, a hiring manager may seek your social media presence anyway, and a derelict profile could be a red flag that you care little about your career. So consider updating it and building your network of contacts.

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When applying with your LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to also submit your resume so that a hiring manager doesn’t have to ask you for it if they think you’re a good fit for the role.

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