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4 Immediate Steps To Take After an Interview

Immediate Steps To Take After an Interview SVS Group

You fine-tuned your resume. You aced the interview. Now it’s time to relax, right? Wrong. Your job search isn’t over until you accept a job offer.

Here are four steps to take after an interview:

Send a Thank You

At the end of your interview, you should’ve gathered contact info from your interviewer. It’s imperative that you tell them thank you through an email within a couple of business days. First, this is just proper etiquette. It lets them know you are a courteous and cordial individual. Second, it keeps you in their mind as they make their decision.

Ask Any Post-Interview Questions You Have

You should always ask post-interview questions (directly after the interview) about the next steps and how long they think it will take to decide.

This way, you know what to expect and you’ll have a rough idea of how long you should wait to follow up with them. And you should follow up with them to ask if they’ve decided—just not too soon. Give them time because the hiring process can be a tedious affair for them.

Prepare Your References

You have most likely already asked your references for permission to include them as a reference (it’s a dangerous move not to do so). Depending on how long ago that was, it would be wise to contact them to let them know you just went on a promising interview and that they may be contacted about it soon.

If your reference is a mentor of yours, it could also be useful to do a post-mortem of the interview with them. Talking things through with someone after the fact can always help you see blind spots. And who knows? If you realize you forgot a crucial piece of backstory in your interview, your reference may fill in the gap for you.

Reach Out to SVS Group

Remember, your job search isn’t over until you accept a job offer. That means your work isn’t over. These simple follow-up tasks can seal the deal for you. Make sure you ask those post-interview questions so you can complete those first two tasks.

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