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3 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Culture In 2023

3 Tips to Improve Your Company's Culture In 2023 SVS Group

Company culture trends in 2023 are rising to the surface. As an employer, let’s look at how this affects your business and how to stay ahead.

Defining Company Culture 

Much like a culture in a country, company culture is a felt experience. It describes the atmosphere and what it is like working for a company. Employees also use this term to explain what it is like working for their leadership group. This is because culture is ultimately set by the leaders in a company and flows from the top down. Culture is the way the underlying values and attitudes of the company are expressed. 

Be Flexible

When it comes to company culture trends, flexibility is the name of the game. This trend has continued throughout the pandemic and is only increasing from here. Many employees have taken on side hustles to produce more income and have rediscovered the value of family time.

As more and more people are working multiple jobs, employers that can provide flexible work schedules and remote or hybrid options will be the top choice for job seekers. 

Have an Emphasis on Wellness

In recent years, the conversation around work-life balance has been brought to the forefront. Employees are more apt to evaluate their sense of fulfillment and joy in their position. People are also more aware of their mental health and the way that work impacts it.

Employers can offer things like mental health days, wellness workshops, and gym memberships to encourage employees to continue in investing in a healthy lifestyle. Employees in 2023 want to know that their company values their well-being. This also includes companies providing better health coverage and additional benefits like IVF treatments, covering therapy sessions, etc.

According to an recent article, employee-sponsored health coverage reduces turnover and “improved retention generated an estimated $20.3 billion in employer benefits in 2022 and $24.3 billion in 2026.”

Have Your Team Unplug During Off Hours 

The last company culture trend in 2023 we will discuss is unplugging. As previously mentioned, the work-life balance topic has caused employees to evaluate how they are spending their time. Rather than being on call, employees are moving toward setting firmer boundaries. This means no late calls, not checking emails at night, and completely unplugging during vacations.

Many CEOs are setting a trend by encouraging C-suite leaders to take vacation days and to fully focus on their families. Expect employees to turn off notifications on work applications when they are off. This shift toward taking care of the employee as a whole person is one that will separate companies that attract new candidates and those that are known as demanding. 

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