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3 Signs Your Employees are Burnt Out and Ready to Quit

Three Signs Your Employees are Burnt Out and Ready to Quit SVS Group

Burnout isn’t always easy to spot with the new trend of quiet quitting. With stress on the rise, many employees look for something new and employers are left surprised when they give their two weeks’ notice. However, there are signs that employees are feeling unfulfilled or overworked in their positions.

Here are three signs your employee may be thinking about making a transition:

1. They’re No Longer Going Above & Beyond

Similar to when a person is experiencing depression, burnout zaps motivation. If you find that an employee who was once eager suddenly steps back, it may be a sign of being burned out. This often looks like being uninterested in upcoming projects. Drive begins to wane. Engagement can slow down and you may notice they seem less invested in the future of their role. Growth opportunities are no longer a priority. A general disinterest in work can be a sign that your employee feels burdened or stagnant in their role. 

2. They’re Not as Vocal in a Team Setting

While disinterest deals with initiative, burnt-out employees may also begin to disinvest. This change can be subtle. Work output may stay the same, but you may notice they are no longer putting their best foot forward. Overall performance may plateau. Detachment can be creative or emotional, causing them to care less about outcomes. They may become quieter in meetings and bring fewer ideas to the table. This can often be the result of feeling unheard or becoming tired of the status quo. 

3. They Have Become Distance/Communicate Less Overall

Burnout employees may come across as distant. Withdrawing from the job can start to happen relationally. Things like communicating less with supervisors or coworkers can be a sign. Nuanced changes like not showing up to as many events or keeping communications extremely brief can be a sign the employee feels done. When an employee is thinking of changing positions, they may begin to pull away from key relationships to make the transition easier. 

Employees Leaving Your Team? Contact SVS Group Today

The good news is that burnout is avoidable. Great managers know how to build relationships with employees and recognize the signs of burnout with empathy. Communicating regularly with your employees and taking their feedback seriously can increase retention and cause top-tier talent to buy into the company long-term. Lending an understanding ear can give you new insight into their day-to-day and the struggles they are facing. 

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