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3 Reasons Temporary Workers May Be the Best Move For Your Business

3 Reasons Temporary Workers May Be the Best Move For Your Business

Temporary staffing has become a legitimate method to supplement your staffing needs. Whether you just need extra help during a busy season or you need to cover a gap or two during a permanent employee’s extended leave, bringing on temp employees has become a popular way to keep business running smoothly.

Here are three ways temporary workers are a great move for your business:

1) Minimize Risk

Staffing with temp workers allows you to minimize the risk of of a bad hire. Especially when your staffing firm handles their payroll, which is an option with SVS Group.

The paperwork that goes along with a new full-time employee is time-consuming and if they turn out to not be a good fit then there’s more paperwork to go along with that. With temps, it’s like a try-before-you-buy situation.

And with temp-to-hire situations, you can often pay less than offer a raise as an incentive if they work out after a trial run.

2) Save Time During the Hiring Process

The process of placing job ads across all the relevant sites, sifting through resumes, and conducting multiple rounds of interviews is time that could be better spent on growing your business.

Working with a recruiting agency like SVS Group to staff temporary workers is a smart and efficient way to avoid all of that hassle—especially if you’re a small business. A staffing firm will place qualified workers in your company quickly. While the great thing about temporary workers is their fast placement and no long-term obligation, if you do find yourself with a rock star you can’t let go of, you can easily offer them full-time employment.

3) Give Your Permanent Employees Some Help

Sometimes your employees need a break, an extended vacation, or maternity leave. Instead of saddling others with their workload, bringing in temporary staff can help work continue uninterrupted.

Using temps can also help ease an overworked staff and boost morale around the office. An overworked staff can become counterproductive, so spreading out the burden with extra help will show that you care about them.

Hiring temporary staffing can keep your permanent employees from burning out and leaving your business, which would only make matters worse.


Hiring temporary employees can minimize the risk of hiring permanent employees who may not work out, save you time by eliminating the hiring process, and give your existing employees some breathing room during busy times.

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